Single Docker

This is an Alpha feature which is not fully supported

CloudGuard WAF can be deployed as a single docker containing a managed reverse proxy server and the CloudGuard Security agent.


When creating either Web application or Web API assets:

  • Define the URLs that Users/Clients will access (1)

  • Define the Application/API URL that will be accessed by the Reverse Proxy (2)

If you plan to deploy in Azure App Services the URLs should be http and not https, because Azure is handling the SSL encryption opening by itself. Certificate configuration will be done in Azure (explained later)

  • Make sure to select a Docker based profile if creating a new profile to protect the asset (keep the default settings for Single docker container and without selecting to manage NGINX yourself):

For deployment in Azure App Services, you can skip the Certificates page in the Wizard above.

Deployment options

Select the deployment option that best fits your environment and requirements:

Manually deploying using the docker command:

pageDeployment using 'docker' command

Deployment using Azure App Services:

pageDeployment in Azure App Services

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