View Policy of all your Web Applications/APIs

A summary of all CloudGuard WAF practices is available under Policy->Policy in the form of rules view.

Rules table


The asset or zone (dynamic group of assets) the security practice protects


The CloudGuard WAF practice configured to protect the asset/zone.


The mode can be show:

  • Detect - The practice is configured to log events without blocking traffic.

  • Prevent - The practice is configured to block incoming traffic upon detection of a malicious attack.

  • Disabled

  • Mixed - The practice may be set to "Detect" or "Prevent" but a mode of at least one sub-practice (e.g. CloudGuard WAF IPS, API Schema Validation, etc.) is set to override the main mode.


Shows configured exclusions configured for the practice.


Shows the Log Trigger object/s configured for the practice.


Shows the Agents Profile/s that enforce this rule.

Tab view

When selecting a rule, the bottom tabs will show the data of the asset/zone the rule protects.

  • The "Attribute" tab shows a summary of the asset/zone data.

  • The other tabs are the same tabs shown when editing the asset/zone object and can be used to edit the asset and practice configuration without being required to go to either the Assets or Zones.

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